Hilary Clinton, in exclusive interview, says she is committed to Israel's security

The Democratic presidential nominee called Trump "untrustworthy," said the Obama administration had done more for Israel's security than any other, and said she held an approach of "distrust and verify" with respect to the nuclear deal with Iran.
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In an exclusive interview to Channel 2 News, US Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton shared her views on a variety of pressing issues – the battle against ISIS, the nuclear deal with Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and more. This is the first interview Clinton has given to an Israeli media outlet since the beginning of one of the most unpredictable elections in recent American history.

At the beginning of the interview, when asked by Channel 2 News' Yonit Levy what she thought made this election different from others, Clinton said part of this difference had to do with the eccentric character of her opponent, Republic nominee Donald Trump.

"Certainly, we've never had a nominee from one of our two major parties like Donald Trump," Clinton said. "His divisiveness, his willingness to engage in bigotry and bluster and bullying, his alliances with hate groups, white supremacist groups, anti-Semitic groups, anti-women comments, Islamophobia, negativity toward immigrants, the list goes on."

Clinton acknowledged the challenge she would face, if elected, in trying to move forward with an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Each of the Israeli Prime Ministers she had met during her husband's presidency, she said, "made concessions and offers that were not accepted."

When asked about her contentious relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Clinton said, "I think the headlines may be more tantalizing than the reality of the current relationship. I honestly believe no administration has done more for the security of Israel than the Obama administration. I was proud to be a part of that."

"I stood up for Israel at the UN, I stood against BDS," Clinton continued. "I have said that I would invite the Prime Minister to Washington for meetings shortly after being inaugurated."

"I believe with all my heart that putting a lid on Iran's nuclear weapons program has made Israel and the region safer," she said. "The fact that we were able to reach an agreement doesn't in any way excuse the behavior that Iran is still engaging in."

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