Clinton’s doctor: She is recovering well from pneumonia

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to minimize the damage of the medical episode the 68-year-old candidate experienced earlier this week by releasing details about her medical records. Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s health status will be revealed today by a TV host.

The footage of Clinton almost collapsing

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After the Democratic presidential candidate almost collapsed as she was leaving a memorial service for the September 11th victims, Clinton’s personal doctor issued a statement yesterday evening (Wednesday) about her patient’s health. According to Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton is recovering from pneumonia and “continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the United States.”

Bardack noted that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia last week and is now recovering thanks to antibiotics and rest. In addition to Bardack’s statement, Clinton’s campaign released a report regarding the Democratic presidential candidate’s medical records. According to the document, the former secretary of state underwent a routine mammogram and chest ultrasound. In addition, it was written that Clinton’s condition is not contagious and that she is expected to make a full recovery after 10 days of antibiotics.

Trump announced that he will release the records documenting his medical history soon. Trump decided to appear on the popular TV program the Dr. Oz Show. The TV show host will evaluate and announce the results of the 70-year-old candidate’s physical examination, which he underwent just last week. The show was recently taped and will be broadcasted today.

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