Concern in Israel: “We condemn North Korea’s nuclear test”

North Korea’s latest nuclear test sparked outrage and concern in Europe and Israel. In response, Israel’s Foreign Ministry called for international action against Pyongyang.
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Today (Friday), the Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the nuclear test conducted by North Korea, which was claimed to be the biggest in the history of the dictatorship. As reported earlier by JOL, Western countries issued warnings about the serious consequences of the experiment and the UN Security Council was requested to convene on the subject.

“Israel condemns the nuclear test conducted by North Korea,” said the Foreign Ministry. “This activity is contrary to international norms and Security Council resolutions. The nuclear test and surface-to-surface missile tests that preceded it require the continued action of the international community against North Korean nuclear] proliferation that the country is supplying to countries in the Middle East in various domains.”

North Korean missile launch Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

China called for “restraint and moderation,” but South Korea urged the West to increase sanctions against its Northern neighbor, referring to the test as an act of "fanatic lack of responsibility."

This is the fifth overall nuclear test conducted by North Korea and the biggest one measured so far. The previous one was held in January this year. Following the previous experiment, the UN imposed further sanctions on the isolated nation, leading to a threat made by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Western countries: "We are ready to launch nuclear weapons at any time.”

Kim Jong-un Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The UN approved sanctions against North Korea included an export ban of the country's natural resources such as silver, coal, iron, gold and titanium. In addition, according to the resolution, UN member states’ banks cannot trade with North Korean banks identified as the financiers of Pyongyang's nuclear and missiles programs. The UN also called on member states to deport North Korean diplomats and not to authorize training to the citizens of North Korea in fields such as engineering, aerospace, computer simulation, etc.

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