Watch: Confrontations and arrests during protests in Venezuela

Up until now, Venezuela’s opposition has conducted relatively peaceful protests against the current president. But last night, the protests turned into harsh confrontations with the local police, who carried out dozens of violent arrests after rocks were thrown.
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Dozens of people were arrested during riots that broke out during a protest in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. Many youths threw rocks and other items at police during the opposition’s protest in the country.

In response to the rock-throwing, the police officers shot tear gas and used different means of riot control. These violent incidents come after relatively peaceful protests against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, while Venezuela’s opposition has recruited the country’s citizens and other Latin American countries in an attempt to remove him from office.

Under Maduro’s administration and also as a result of the plummeted oil prices, Venezuela has collapsed into an unprecedented social and economic crisis. Most citizens who once supported Hugo Chavez now understand that the system has failed them.

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