Over 20 Berlin properties raided due to suspected links to Christmas market terrorist’s mosque

Hundreds of German police officers raided over 20 properties in Berlin due to suspected links to a mosque that turned into a meeting point for terrorists. The Tunisian terrorist who carried out the Berlin Christmas market attack visited the mosque on a regular basis.
German police in Berlin Photo Credit: EPA

Over 400 masked German police officers raided dozens of properties in Berlin this morning (Tuesday). According to a police statement, the properties have links to the Fussilet 33 organization, which ran a mosque frequented by Anis Amri, the Tunisian terrorist who carried out the Berlin Christmas market attack two months ago. Last week, the Berlin authorities shut down the mosque, which had become a meeting ground for terrorists.

Among the properties that were raided today were apartments, company buildings and prison cells. According to the German federal prosecutor, Amri visited the mosque on the day of the deadly terror attack.

About a month ago, Berlin authorities announced that three men suspected of being ISIS members were arrested. According to the German newspaper Bild, the three frequently visited the same mosque.

The interior minister for the state of Berlin is scheduled to hold a press conference this afternoon and provide further details about the raids.

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