Turkish President Erdoğan: “Europe is heading towards the days just before World War II”

Turkish President Erdogan in an attack against the European Union stated that Europe is “fascist and cruel.” The Turkish president complained that European countries were preventing his ministers from reaching out to Turkish communities abroad ahead of a referendum that would give the president more authority.
Tensions on the rise between Erdogan and EU leaders Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said today (Tuesday) that following the country’s referendum in April, Turkey will reconsider its relations with Europe. According to him, the atmosphere in Europe reminds him of the eve of World War II. He claims that it is "cruel and fascist."

The Turkish president also promised that "relations will change; it will be a different Turkey" after the referendum. Despite calls for calm, Erdoğan continues to test EU leaders at the height of a crisis between Ankara and countries such as Germany and the Netherlands.

Erdoğan claimed that today’s European leadership is demonstrating "Nazi methods" by preventing Turkish leaders and ministers from speaking before Turkish communities about supporting the referendum on the Turkish constitution that will be held on April 16.

Erdoğan wants the referendum to increase the authority of the president and therefore his own authority. Turkish communities outside of Turkey are allowed to vote, as a result of changes that Erdogan himself made to the Turkish election system once he realized that the communities outside of Turkey are even greater supporters of his than those residing in the country itself.

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