Investigators reveal: Cape Canaveral explosion occurred when rocket was refueling

The team of investigators reviewing the explosion that occurred at Cape Canaveral on Thursday released its initial findings. The newly released information revealed that the explosion occurred while the upper oxygen tank of the rocket was refueling.
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Two days after Israel’s Amos-6 satellite blew up in flames at Cape Canaveral, the team of investigators released new information regarding the examination into the cause of the explosion yesterday (Saturday). The team, which is made up of experts from the Federal Aviation Administration, US Air Force, SpaceX and NASA, is gathering data from more than 3,000 informational channels containing video footage and sensors. The team announced that they are certain that within a short period of time, they will discover what caused the explosion.

According to the new information that the team released, the incident occurred eight minutes after the tests began, while the upper oxygen tank of the Falcon 9 rocket was refueling.

SpaceX announced that it is planning another launch for the end of November. According to Bloomberg, the Amos-6 satellite was insured for 300 million NIS.

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