Facebook launches new update for WhatsApp in order to compete with Snapchat

Android users who use WhatsApp might have discovered that a new update gives their system similar features to the Snapchat App. Soon, this update will be available for iPhone users.
Photo Credit: WhatsApp screenshot/Channel 2 News

Android users who updated their WhatsApp system two days ago (Monday) discovered that they now have several new features. Those who updated the App can now draw or write on pictures and videos and even add stickers to them. The update will soon be available for iPhone users.

These features will allow the App, which was purchased by Facebook in 2014, to compete with Snapchat, an App that is extremely popular among young people. In August, Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, launched a new feature called Instagram Stories, which resembles one of the most prominent functions of Snapchat. The launch of the feature was interpreted as an attempt to bring back Instagram users who completely switched over to Snapchat.

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