Argentina: Families of missing submarine crew told explosion left no survivors

The families of the crew of a missing Argentinian submarine were shocked by an announcement that an exlposion hit the vessel over a week ago.
The missing ARA San Juan submarine Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The families of 44 crew members on a missing Argentinian submarine reacted with shock and anger when told on Thursday that an explosion hit the submarine over a week ago, leaving no survivors.

According to Argentinian navy officials, the underwater explosion occurred about three hours after the connection with the ARA San Juan was lost.

The crew members' relatives, who are camped out at Mar del Plata, the vessel's final destination, have called for authorities to be held accountable for the disaster.

"They say they just now found out about the explosion, but who's stupid enough to believe that?" asked Itatí Leguizamón, the wife of a radar operator. "This is a disgrace. They lied to us."

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