FBI: ISIS used PayPal, eBay to transfer funds to member in US

The FBI suspects that an ISIS member in America used PayPal and eBay in order to receive funds from the terrorist organization. While the suspect has denied the allegations, the authorities believe that the money was supposed to fund a terror attack in the US.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

ISIS used PayPal and eBay to transfer funds to a member in the US, according to the Wall Street Journal. The man who allegedly received the money was Mohamed Elshinawy, an American citizen who was arrested last year in Maryland. The FBI believes that Elshinawy sold computer printers online as a front so that the terrorist organization could send him money.

A recently declassified affidavit showed that Elshinawy was part of a global network that operated in the same manner in order to fund some of the terrorist organization’s activities around the world. He received, according to the report, thousands of dollars from different people within ISIS via PayPal. The affidavit stated that the funds were used to purchase a laptop, cell phone and VPN to communicate with ISIS.

A spokesperson for eBay said that the company “has zero tolerance for criminal activities taking place on our marketplace.” He added that the online shopping site is working with the authorities regarding the case. A spokeswoman for PayPal said that the company “invests significant time and resources in working to prevent terrorist activity on our platform.” She added: “We proactively report suspicious activities and respond quickly to lawful requests to support law enforcement agencies in their investigations.”

Elshinawy is claiming that he has no connection to ISIS but the authorities in the US claim that the money he received was supposed to be used for a terror attack in America.

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