Foreign women required to wear headscarves during Tehran’s first international marathon

Tehran hosted its first international marathon this morning. According to the organizers of the First Tehran International Persian Run, dubbed TehRUN, the main goal of the sporting event was “to promote international friendship, build bridges and break barriers.”
Tehran, today Photo Credit: EPA

Iran’s capital city held its first international marathon Friday morning, offering three races: 10K, 21K (half marathon) and 42K (marathon). Female runners were separated from the male runners. While the male runners ran outside from the Azadi Sports Complex and into western Tehran, the women ran inside the sports complex.

According to the race’s website, runners from over 42 countries participated in the race. The website states that the race was the most international sporting event in the country in many years. “The main goal of the 1st TehRUN 42K, 21K & 10K is to promote international friendship, build bridges and break barriers,” the organizers of the race wrote on the website.  

Tehran, today Photo Credit: EPA

The website informed the foreign runners that they must respect the local dress code while visiting Iran, even during the race: “Women are obliged to wear a headscarf or sports bandana (so that your hair will be covered). A T-shirt with long sleeves and a running pants can be a good choice. Please keep in mind that the length of the T-shirt cannot be too short (T-shirt must cover your hips). You may not wear shorts or skirts showing bare legs.” However, the website mentioned that men may wear running shorts during the race even though they cannot wear shorts while touring the country on their free time.

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