Watch: Florida sinkhole swallowed 2 houses, no injuries reported

Rescue forces were called to a residential neighborhood in Florida when a sinkhole that started at the size of a swimming pool quickly expanded and swallowed 2 houses.
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A huge sinkhole the size of a swimming pool has grown larger in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Florida. So far, the sinkhole swallowed 2 homes and caused massive damage. Local authorities are hoping that its expansion will stop soon.

“The hole itself now appears to be dormant,” Pasco County’s assistant administrator for public safety stated and added that 9 other homes have been evacuated. No injuries have been reported. The sinkhole is estimated to be 15 meters deep (approximately 16 yards) and is full of water.

The local sheriff’s deputy said that when he got to the scene, the sinkhole was at the corner of one of the houses. While the family wasn’t there, rescue forces helped the dogs out before the house collapsed. “As soon as they got here, what you see now is what they witnessed as the house caved into the hole,” the deputy explained. “They were unable to get any belongings. Everything they owned was in there.”

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