Footage: The police shooting that sparked protests in Charlotte

U.S. media outlets published the footage of the moments before a police officer shot Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old African American, in North Carolina. The incident sparked protests in Charlotte that ended in violent clashes and led North Carolina’s governor to declare a state of emergency.
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After a wave of violent protests erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina following the shooting of a black man, media outlets in the country published footage of the moments that led up to the shooting today (Friday).

The footage, which shows a police officer shooting Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old African American, was documented by Scott’s wife. In the footage, the police officers can be heard calling on Scott to drop his weapon while his wife pleads: “He has no gun.” Next, the sound of shooting is heard and Scott is then seen lying on the ground after being hit.

In the video, Scott’s wife can be heard telling the police officer that her husband has a head injury and calling on him to get out of the car so the officers don’t break his window. But the incident escalated moments later and the police officer shot and fatally wounded Scott.

Protests in Charlotte Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

During the demonstrations in North Carolina, protesters called on the authorities to publish the video documenting the shooting, which sparked violent clashes in the state and led the North Carolina Governor to declare a state of emergency.

According to the local police department, Scott exited the vehicle armed and was “an imminent and deadly threat to the officers who subsequently fired their weapon, striking the subject.” They also mentioned that the officers were quick to call for medical assistance and performed CPR on Scott, whose death was later declared at a nearby medical center.

However, Scott’s daughter claimed in a live Facebook post that was watched by more than half a million people that contrary to the police department’s statement, her father was not armed. According to the daughter, her father was sitting in his car reading a book and waiting for his son to return from school.

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