Forbes Ranking: Putin topped Obama as the strongest man in the world

US President Barack Obama suffered another blow to his public image. The US President was ousted from the top ranking as the “strongest man in the world” by Forbes Magazine. Russian President Vladimir Putin topped Obama and was ranked at first place.

Putin and Obama Photo Credit: AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin topped previous winner US President Barack Obama and climbed to first place as the “strongest man in the world” according to Forbes Magazine.  Falling to second place is said to be an additional blow to Obama’s public image after Forbes Magazine named the US President “the supreme commander in handcuffs.”

 The magazine explained their choice by citing Putin’s achievements that are “the basis of his control in Russia at a time when Obama entered a period of being a lamb duck.   Any one who has seen the chess game on the Syrian issue and the ease-dropping story understands the power movement between the men,” the raters wrote.  They stressed that the US government shutdown harms Obama’s position.  Since Obama was elected to serve as president in 2009, he scored top place almost every year, except 2010.  

Netanyahu Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon, Government Press Office

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ranked in 26th place.   However, the Israeli Prime Minister isn’t happy to see that Iranian Supreme Leader Khameini ranks better than him, at 23rd place.  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani wasn’t included in the rankings list for this year.  Nevertheless, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a higher ranking than UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (32), Mexican President Nieto (37), and Kim Jong-Il of North Korea (46).   Other leaders who made the top 72 list include Chinese President Shi Jiuyong who ranked third place; Pope Francis who ranked fourth place; and German Chancellor Angela Merkel who ranked fifth place.    

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