French police search for missing family of 4

Police in France continue to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a family of four. Blood stains were discovered in the family’s home and the daughter’s belongings were found hundreds of kilometers from the home.
France searches for missing family of 4 Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Last night (Wednesday), French police searched a neighborhood in the town of Nantes in an attempt to locate the Troadec family- Pascal and Brigitte Troadec and their children Sebastien and Charlotte. The police instructed the residents of the neighborhood to stay indoors while they searched for clues in the family’s sudden disappearance. The only traces of the family that have been discovered so far were blood stains in their home and a cell phone covered in blood.

The police officers believe that an effort was made to get rid of all the DNA traces of the family members because items such as toothbrushes and computers are missing from the home. It is suspected that the family was murdered. However, no bodies have been recovered so far.

According to local media reports, the main suspect is 21-year-old Sebastien Troadec, who most likely murdered his family and then killed himself. Police found traces of his blood and his parent’s blood in the home on the staircase. Police eventually found Sebastien’s car. The smartphone discovered in the home was covered in his blood.

Meanwhile, a jogger found the pants of 18-year-old Charlotte and her health card in a ditch about 270 kilometers (approximately 167 miles) from the first scene. It was also reported that the son’s cell phone and the rest of the cell phones of the family members had not been used since February 17.

Police who searched the home discovered that the sheets from all of the beds had been removed. In addition, the dishwasher was full and the dryer was loaded with wet laundry, which indicates that the family left the home unexpectedly and in a hurry.

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