Right wing French presidential candidate Fillon under formal investigation for fake jobs scandal

Francois Fillon, a French presidential candidate, is under formal investigation after allegedly paying members of his family for fictitious public jobs.
Formal investigation launched into Fillon Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Two weeks after being first questioned, a formal criminal investigation into right-wing French presidential candidate Francois Fillon was launched today (Tuesday), according to the French prosecutor's office. Fillon, the conservative head of the French Republican Party who was elected instead of Sarkozy, was questioned in relation to the ‘fake jobs scandal.’

Following initial reports of an investigation, the 63-year-old former Prime Minister of France announced that he has no intention of stepping out of the presidential race. Fillon has denied allegations and claims that he transferred money to his wife and children for fake jobs, stating this is rather part of a political takedown. He is currently under investigation for suspected embezzlement of public funds and errored financial reporting.

Despite his denials, his election campaign took a hit following the allegation that he paid hundreds of thousands of euros to his wife Penelope for her position as his parliamentary advisor, a role she is suspected to never have undertaken.

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