French famers claim that refugees are destroying their crops

Today, the residents of Calais, France took their protest against the local refugee camp to the next level. Local farmers and traders, who are demanding that the notorious refugee camp be shut down, blocked the roads from the port of Calais that led farther into France.
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The most notorious refugee camp in all of Europe is located in the middle of the French city of Calais. The refugee camp is commonly known as the Jungle due to the claims that there are no rules inside. The negative reputation of the camp has led the local residents to protest against the Jungle and demand it be shut down. Today (Monday), the protest escalated.

The local farmers and traders claim that the camp is damaging to the area. They traveled in dozens of trucks from the coastal city that is close to the border with Britain in order to block the roads from the port of Calais that led farther into France. By blocking the area, they are disrupting the flow of tourists who come to Calais from Britain. “We will not give up until the camp is fully dismantled,” stressed the protesters.

Children in the Jungle Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In the past few weeks, the calls in favor of shutting down the camp that houses about 9,000 have been increasing. The French authorities announced that they plan to reduce the number of refugees in the camp but no changes have been implemented so far.

According to the local farmers and traders, the refugees from the camp are destroying crops and causing severe damage to the farms in the area. In addition, there are claims about human trafficking in the area because smugglers exploit the refugees’ desire to live in Britain.

Earlier today, JOL shared exclusive footage of Channel 2 News correspondents visiting the Jungle.     

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