French official letter claims Israelis live in Palestinian Authority

A French citizen living beyond the Green Line received an official letter from the French Embassy, which stated they lived in the Palestinian territories. Following the letter, the representative of French Jews living in Israel wrote an angry letter to President Hollande: “The choice is a provocation that humiliates French citizens living in Israel.”
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Thousands of French citizens living in Israel have received official letters from the French Foreign Ministry, urging them to vote in the president elections. Among the recipients were dozens of citizens living beyond the Green Line but they were surprised to discover that their place of residence was the “Palestinian territories” instead of “Israel.”

The residents were very surprised by the omission of the State of Israel and some even decided not to vote in the French Presidential Elections. French MP Meir Habib, who represents the French citizens living in Israel, appealed to French President Francois Hollande and leading candidate Emmanuel Macaron on the subject matter.

“Beyond the political and legal debate, the French Foreign Ministry’s deliberate choice to present the Israeli settlements under the name Palestinian territories is a provocation humiliating the French living in Israel,” Habib stated. “In order to be effective, our foreign policy must be connected to reality."

“To be connected to reality is to recognize our common enemy, radical Islam,” he declared. “To be connected to reality is to see that Jerusalem was and will remain the undivided capital city of the State of Israel. To be connected to reality is to hear President Donald Trump announcing his intention to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.”

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