Watch: Full replay of first presidential debate

During the heated debate between the two leading US presidential candidates last night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump argued about many issues including the cyber-attack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer network. Watch the full replay of the debate on JOL News.
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Last night (Monday), Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump faced off during the first debate of the 2016 race. Despite the smiles and handshakes, the voices quickly escalated and Trump attacked within the first few minutes: “Hillary has experience but it’s bad experience.” Clinton accused Trump of not paying taxes and chauvinism. According to a CNN poll, 62% of last night’s viewers believe that Clinton won the debate while only 27% believe that Trump was the winner.

When the two candidates were asked about the cyber-attacks, Clinton said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been approving hacks into government files, personal files and the DNC: “We need to make it very clear — whether it’s Russia, China, Iran or anybody else — the United States has much greater capacity. And we are not going to sit idly by and permit state actors to go after our information… We don’t want to engage in a different kind of warfare. But we will defend the citizens of this country.” Clinton also mentioned Trump in this context: “I was so shocked when Donald publicly invited Putin to hack into Americans. That is just unacceptable.”

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“I don’t think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC,” Trump replied. “She’s saying Russia, Russia, Russia but I don’t — maybe it was. I mean, it could be Russia but it could also be China.”

“We came up with the Internet and I think Secretary Clinton and myself would agree very much, when you look at what ISIS is doing with the Internet, they’re beating us at our own game,” added Trump. “So we have to get very, very tough on cyber and cyber warfare.” Clinton said that the emphasis against ISIS needs to be in the real battle field by assisting the ground forces in order to eliminate the murderous terrorist organization’s leadership.

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