Germany Allows the Return of The Swastika to Video Game Titles

The videogame regulatory agency in Germany announced that Nazi symbols may appear in titles sold within the country.
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Screenshot

The prohibition of emblems of the Third Reich that Germany has maintained within the videogame industry since the creation of this technology will soon come to an end.

This measure, is supported by the German Agency of Self-Regulation of Entertainment Software (USK, in German), announced changes to its interpretation of the section of the penal code that prohibits the appearance of the swastika, the mustache of Adolf Hitler and other representations of the Nazism , except for uses that are socially adequate.

"In this context, 'socially appropriate' means that the symbols of unconstitutional organizations can be used in a title if they have an artistic or scientific purpose or help describe current or historical events," explained Elisabeth Secker, director of the USK.

Likewise, the use of these emblems to criticize the Nazi ideology within videogames makes up this category.

The swastika and other Nazi symbols are not only a cultural taboo in this country that so actively rejects this historical heritage to which it belongs, they are also considered unconstitutional.

For this reason, before the change, any video game that tries to include the character of Hitler or the Nazi regime has to erase the mustache of the then leader and any swastika , before being able to enter the German market.

In any case, the USK will maintain a strict surveillance of these products . Secker confirmed that these games will be subjected to a rigorous process of content classification.

"Games that critically examine current issues may, for the first time, receive an age rating from the USK," said the director.

Other controversial symbols such as the emblem of the Klu Klux Klan, the sickle and hammer of the communist party and the ISIS flag, previously banned, may be included in this change.

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