Germany election results: Merkel wins 33%, far-right party rises

German Chancellor Angela Merkel won the majority of votes in the general election but expressed concern over the rise of the AfD party, which will become the first far-right wing nationalistic party to hold seats in the Bundestag since the Second World War.
Angela Merkel will serve a fourth term Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The final election results are in as the last votes have been counted in Germany. Angela Merkel’s party received 33% of the vote and she will serve a fourth term as Germany’s Chancellor. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Merkel and congratulated her on her success.

Despite her successful outcome, Merkel admitted that the rise of the far-right wing nationalist party AfD worries her and that she hopes to win back the AfD voters. The Social Democratic Party won 20.5% while the AfD came in third with 12.5 % of the vote.

In her victory speech, Merkel said that she expected a better result. However, she stressed that “we are the strongest party, we have the mandate to build and create the next government, and a coalition cannot be built against us.”

Merkel stated that she wants to create a stable government for Germany. However, Social Democratic Party leader Martin Schulz has already announced that he will not be in Merkel’s government, explaining that a far-right wing party should not lead the opposition. “Our role is clear, we are the opposition party,” he said.

Angela Merkel Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

Although Merkel won with results that far surpassed her opponents, she received significantly fewer seats compared to the previous election. With the rise of the far-right wing party, she will face challenges in trying to assemble a stable government.

Massive demonstrations took place yesterday in response to rise of AfD and the extreme-right. The far-right wing’s rise was the largest achievement for the AfD in its history, becoming the first far-right wing party to win seats in the parliament since the Second World War

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