Palestinian terrorist gets life in prison for murdering man in Germany

A German court sentenced on Thursday a Palestinian terrorist who murdered a man and injured several people last year to life in prison. The judge noted the severity of the attack as he handed down the sentence, reducing the terrorist’s prospects of receiving early release on parole.
German police Photo Credit: EPA

A Palestinian terrorist who murdered a man and injured six people at a German supermarket last year received life in prison on Thursday for his crimes.

The terror attack took place in July 2017 in a Hamburg supermarket. Last month, 27-year-old Ahmad Alhaw, a Palestinian asylum seeker, confessed to the charges, which include murder and several counts of attempted murder.

As the judge handed down the sentence, he noted the severity of the attack, reducing Alhaw’s chances of getting early release. According to the prosecutors, Alhaw wanted to die as a “martyr” in the attack.

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