Almost 2-day manhunt in Germany ends as suspected terrorist arrested

After an almost 2-day manhunt, German law enforcement agencies apprehended a 22-year-old Syrian refugee who is suspected of planning a terror attack. Meanwhile, security at airports and train stations throughout the country has been increased.
Jaber al-Bakr Photo Credit: German Federal Police/Channel 2 News

German police arrested 22-year-old Syrian refugee Jaber al-Bakr under the suspicion that he was planning a terror attack. On Saturday, German law enforcement agencies launched an extensive manhunt for al-Bakr after hundreds of grams of explosive materials were found in his apartment in Chemnitz.

The local police department announced on Twitter that its officers arrested al-Bakr: “Tired but very happy. We captured the terror suspect last night in Leipzig.”

Al-Bakr’s apartment was raided by commando forces after the German Federal Police received information about his intentions. In addition, two suspects were arrested at a train station and a third man who is suspected of being in contact with al-Bakr was apprehended at a different location.

At the moment, it is unclear whether al-Bakr was armed at the time of his arrest. Meanwhile, Germany has increased security at airports and train stations.  

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