What do you really know about Donald J. Trump?

How much do you really know about the new US president-elect? This is the path Donald Trump went through, from real estate to bankruptcy to leading the Republican Party.
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After an exciting and fickle election race, the winner and new US president-elect is Donald J. Trump. How much do you know about Trump, his personal life, his successes and failures in the business world and his political path? Get to know the billionaire reality star who will be the next leader of the free world.

Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946, in New York, the son of Fred and Mary Trump. At 13, he was sent to a military school because his parents thought he was too energetic and needed discipline. When in college, Trump got involved in his dad's real estate business. After becoming the CEO of the company, he changed its name to "The Trump Organization."

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Among the projects he was involved in were the Trump Tower, the Trump World Tower in NYC, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Trump Taj Mahal and Trump's Castle in Atlantic City, Trump Hotel in Las Vegas and other resorts and golf courses worldwide. 4 times during his career, companies he owned ended in financial difficulties and went bankrupt.

Besides real estate, Trump was one of the owners of the organization that held the Miss Universe and Miss America contests. In 1983, Trump purchased the football team New Jersey Generals.

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The new president-elect has been 3 times. Ivana, his first wife, was a Czech ski champion. His second wife Marla was an actress. He married his current wife Melania in 2005. Trump has 4 siblings. His oldest brother Fred Jr. died in 1981 as a result of alcohol abuse. Trump has 5 children: Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric from his first wife, Tiffany from his second wife and Barron William from his current wife.

In June 2015, after years of toying with the idea and after being a member of the Democratic Party until 1987, Trump officially declared his intent to run for president. Despite the estimates and disrespect he received from the media, Trump succeeded in the Republican debates and primaries, leaving his opponents behind him, until he was declared the official Republican candidate in July 2016.

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