POLITICO claims GOP considering dismissing Trump

According to POLITICO, the Republican National Committee is currently examining how it can replace Trump as its presidential candidate following his recording scandal. Just one month before the elections, an army of lawyers is looking into the matter.
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This evening (Saturday), POLITICO reported that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is considering replacing Trump as its presidential candidate following his sexist recording scandal. According to the report, an army of lawyers is examining if it is even possible to switch a presidential candidate just one month prior to the elections. “48 hours are needed in order to arrive at a decision,” said an RNC official. 

Another RNC official claims that replacing a presidential candidate such a short time before elections could harshly affect the party’s chances of reaching the White House. Furthermore, the party’s attorneys are asserting that Trump will be required to cooperate if a decision of this sort is made, which is very unlikely considering the statement he made earlier this evening saying that he will not pull out of the presidential race. “The fact of the matter is that he can only be replaced if he resigns or dies,” said a party official.

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