Deadly floods claim at least 14 lives in central Greece

After a week of heavy rainfall, central Greece was hit by floods that caused widespread damage on Wednesday. At least 14 people have been reported dead in what is being described as destruction of “biblical proportions.”
Floods in Greece Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

At least 14 people died on Wednesday after heavy floods hit Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara West of Athens, Greece. The floods were the worst the country has seen in recent years and caused widespread damage in the affected areas.

According to local reports, most of the victims were senior citizens whose bodies were found during the early morning hours. An additional two were later detected by coastal guards after they were swept away by the floodwaters. “Everything is destroyed, destroyed in biblical proportions,” Mandra mayor Yianna Krikouki told the state news channel ERT.

Floods in Greece Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Residents and news outlets reported overflowing rivers that flooded roads, vehicles and buildings. “Walls collapsed, cars were swept away and everything here just broke,” said one eyewitness. “Nothing is left here - the water is everywhere in the house.” A state of emergency was declared in the area due to the ongoing heavy rainfall and the authorities stated that they have received at least 500 rescue calls.

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