Grenfell Tower fire: 2 young sisters located at hospital by loved ones

The relatives of dozens of Grenfell Tower residents are still searching for their loved ones. On Thursday, two sisters were located at a hospital by their family members. However, the girls’ parents and younger sister are still missing.
Tazmin and Malek Belkadi Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

The Metropolitan Police announced on Thursday that the death toll from the Grenfell Tower fire in London has reached 17 and that the chance of finding survivors in the building is slim. However, some good news has surfaced in the middle of this tragedy: two young sisters were found alive at a hospital by their relatives.

6-year-old Tazmin Belkadi and 10-year-old Malek Belkadi lived on one of the top floors of the high-rise with their family. It appears that they ran to the roof when the fire broke out and were taken from there to the hospital. One of them is currently in a coma and the other was sedated due to the trauma.

The sisters’ parents and baby sister are still missing. The girls’ family members said that they have looked for them at every hospital.

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