Groundbreaking discovery brings hope to Alzheimer’s patients

Recently, scientists reported that there might be a drug that can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This discovery was acclaimed the best news in dementia research in the past 25 years and could be a possible “game changer” for patients.
Illustration Photo Credit: Katarzyna Białasiewicz/Channel 2 News

Scientists proved that a drug can remove the harmful amyloid plaques from the brain that cause the loss of memory, brining hope to Alzheimer’s patients.

This ground-breaking discovery was declared the best news in the past 25 years of dementia research and as a potential “game changer” for Alzheimer’s patients.

The scientists said that they were surprised to see that in the cases of patients who were treated with a larger dose of the antibody called aducanumab, the layer of amyloid plaques, which prevents the brain cells from communicating and causes incurable loss of memory and the deterioration of cognitive skills, almost completely disappeared.

If the drug will prove itself again in larger trials, it could be available within a few years. “The results of this clinical study make us optimistic that we can potentially make a great step forward in treating Alzheimer’s disease,” said Prof. Roger Nitsch from Zurich University.

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