Has a cure for hair loss been found?

Researchers in the medical center in Columbia University in New York together will experts from Durham University in England managed to create human hair follicles for the first time.

A new cure for going bald? Photography: Channel 2 News

For many years now humanity has tried desperately to find a cure for going bald. Many doctors, scientists and charlatans have said that they have found a solution – but in the end all those treatments turned out to be disappointments. Maybe this time, it is the real deal.

British and American scientists claim that they have been able to take a giant leap forward in finding the cure for going bald – a solution that could make its way to the public in the next few years. According to the publications, members of the medical center in Columbia University in New York together with experts from Durham University in England have managed to create human hair follicles for the first time. The professor at the head of the program, Angela Cristiano, the head of the molecular dermatology program claims that the discovery could potentially “revolutionize” hair loss treatment.

The technique the experts developed involves harvesting cells from the base of hair follicles or human hair cells. The cells are cloned in a lab and transplanted back in between the layers of human skin that were transplanted on a mouse’s skin. The scientists used the cells taken from hair samples from 7 donors, 5 of which managed to grow hair.

It can be done

According to reports in the US, transitioning from testing the technique on mice to actual treatment on humans is a one step uncomplicated transition. “There are a few more obstacles – like stabilizing, color and shape, but the base, the first step shows that it can be done” said Cristiano.

Using the cloned cells and transplanting the hair it will be possible, for the first time, to treat burn victims who lost their hair. Cristiano claims that it will be possible to inject the cloned cells right into the human skull, and replace the dead hair cells. “It will be possible to grow a new head of hair” she said proudly.

The researcher was interviewed on Fox network’s morning show and said: “I would want to see this as a massive step forward in the use of generative medicine. Using the cells of the body itself in order to renew the growth of hair. Will this be the cure for hair loss? I think so”.


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