Watch: Firefighters rescue dog from underneath rubble of Italy earthquake

Romeo’s owners survived the deadly earthquake but believed that their beloved dog had not been so lucky. However, firefighters heard Romeo’s barks from underneath the rubble of his collapsed home in San Lorenzo a Flaviano and rescued him. Romeo had been under the rubble for 9 days.
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More than 9 days after the deadly earthquake in Italy, a golden retriever named Romeo was rescued from underneath the rubble of him home in San Lorenzo a Flaviano. The firefighters who rescued him also captured the heartwarming mission on camera.

Romeo, who was underneath the rubble for more than 230 hours, appears clam in the footage as one of the firefighters provides him with water and encourages him to drink his first sips since the earthquake.

According to the reports, when the earthquake struck and the home collapsed, Romeo’s owners were on the second floor and were rescued shortly thereafter with only minor injuries. Romeo, who was on the first floor at the time of the earthquake, was stuck underneath the rubble. His owners, who thought that their beloved dog was dead, were very excited to find out that he is alive.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In the first day following the earthquake, Romeo’s owners tried to move the big pieces of stone in order to find their dog. However, the firefighters prohibited them from continuing their search.

The firefighters who rescued the golden retriever told the family that they heard Romeo’s barks as they were moving the rubble. The firefighters said that the dog was surprisingly in good shape.

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