Colombian peace treaty to end 52 years of civil war

After the first draft was rejected in a referendum and a new version was approved by Congress, the Colombian peace treaty will be signed tomorrow. After 4 years of negotiations, the Colombian government and the FARC will bring an end to the 52-year long civil war.
Peace deal Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Officials from both sides confirmed last night (Tuesday) that the Colombian government will sign a peace treaty with the Marxist guerrilla organization FARC. The treaty is to be signed this Thursday in Bogota, ending the 52-year long civil war.

The signing will take place at the Colon Theater in Bogota at 11:00 AM Thursday. It will be signed by FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who won the Nobel Peace Prize last month for his actions to end the conflict.

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President Santos Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In a statement to local television channels, Santos said: "We have in our hands a rare opportunity to close this painful chapter of our history, a chapter that has cost the lives of millions of Colombians over half a century."

The Colombian government and the heads of the FARC have been having peace talks in Havana, Cuba over the last 4 years in an effort to end the war that has turned millions to refugees. The first draft of the treaty was rejected in a referendum due to many people believing the treaty was too lenient towards the rebels.

Colombian soldiers guarding referendum voting stations Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Last October, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded Santos the honor for his dedication and work towards peace in Colombia. The committee maintained its decision after the first draft of the treaty was rejected, noting that Santos did not let the peace process stop after the referendum.

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