2017 Dutch general election day kicks off

About 13 million Dutch citizens will head to the polling stations today in order to elect the country’s next prime minister. The Dutch election has caught the attention of the world mainly because of the far-right wing candidate’s ascent in the polls. He is not expected to become the next prime minister but his party’s seat total in parliament is expected to double.
Amsterdam, this morning Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The polling stations throughout Holland opened this morning (Wednesday) as the 2017 Dutch general election kicked off. The main focus of the election is on far-right wing candidate Geert Wilders and incumbent Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The polling stations will close at 9:00 PM (local time).

The latest polls indicate that Rutte will most likely defeat Wilders and remain prime minister. However, the far-right wing candidate’s party is expected to double its seat total in parliament with the results of the election. The chance of Wilders becoming prime minister is low because many parties have already stated that they will not join a government led by him.

Incumbent Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As the Dutch head to the polls today, France and Germany are preparing for their own general elections. In both of the countries, the far-right wing candidates have also become popular candidates due to the wave of populist ideas that is sweeping Europe, which also brought about Brexit. Even Wilders is promising that if he is elected, he will lead Holland out of the EU and close the country’s borders to Muslim refugees.

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