Latest polls indicate only minor gap between Clinton and Trump

Just before Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are scheduled to meet for the first debate, the results of several polls indicated that this race will be extremely close.
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The most recent polls revealed today (Monday) that the 2016 US presidential race will be extremely close just as the two leading US presidential candidates are making their last preparations for the first debate. According to the poll that was conducted by Nate Silver, if the election were held today, the Democratic presidential candidate would win most of the national votes but Trump would win most of the Electoral College votes.

According to Silver’s poll, Clinton would win 45.5% of the national votes while Trump would receive only 45.2%. However, Trump would win more votes in the Electoral College. According to Silver’s poll, Trump would receive 276.3 electoral votes while Clinton would receive only 261.4.

A CNN poll also showed that there is only a slight gap between the two candidates. The poll was conducted in two important states, Colorado and Pennsylvania. In Colorado, Trump received 42% of the votes while Clinton received just one percent less. However, in Pennsylvania, Clinton received 45% of the votes while Trump received 44%.

According to CNN, the minor gap between the two candidates only increases the anticipation of the American public for tonight’s debate. Meanwhile, other polls were also conducted in critical states such as Ohio, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina. All the polls also concluded that the race between the two candidates will be extremely close.

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