How did British citizens react to the burkini ban?

France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria have already imposed restrictions on the controversial swimsuit but the UK has not. A social experiment was conducted where a Police officer tried to ban a woman from wearing the burkini.
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In France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Muslim women are barred from wearing the burkini. The United Kingdom still does not have such a restriction but a social experiment was conducted in order to see how pedestrians would react if a Police officer tried to prevent a Muslim woman from wearing a burkini.

When the British were asked about the prohibitions in the French Riviera, they claimed that these laws are not logical. A Police officer approached a woman in a burkini and said: “Stand up and take that off please.” He then added: “You cannot wear that on the beach. You look like a terrorist. I am afraid that you are wearing that because they are making you wear that.”

The actress for her part refused to remove the burkini and stated: “I refuse to take anything off. I am allowed to wear whatever I want.” She added: “In what way am I exactly different from those that come to the beach dressed like that? This is racism! You cannot tell me those things. No one is forcing me to wear it.”

At this point, the policeman tried to remove it by force, which prompted the woman to scream: “Excuse me, do not touch me.” At that moment, other people arrived and supported the woman who was wearing the burkini: “You cannot do that. That is not what terrorists are wearing.”

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