Trump discloses profits and losses in financial report

After refusing to release his tax returns, the Office of Government Ethics published a 98-page report disclosing US President Donald Trump’s business revenues from 2016 up until the past few months. The report revealed that the president’s net worth is at least $1.1 billion and that he owes $320 million to the banks.
Trump is worth at least $1.1 billion Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The US Office of Government Ethics published this evening (Saturday) a report containing US President Donald Trump’s financial disclosure. The report suggests that Trump’s main source of income since the beginning of 2016 up until now arrived from his real estate empire.

The report includes 98 pages indicating that Trump’s estimated net worth is at least $1.1 billion. Although it is the most comprehensive report concerning Trump’s financial status since being elected, the report does not accurately depict the volume of Trump’s assets and loans and therefore, it is difficult to gather from the report Trump’s complete financial status. For example, the estimated revenue of his assets ranges anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million, while some are vaguely labeled as “over $5 million.”

The report suggests that in 2016 and in the first months of 2017, Trump made $598 million but at the same time, he has a $320 million debt, $130 million of which he owes to Deutsche Bank.

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