South Carolina is getting ready for the deadly storm

Even though the winds are weaker, the US warns that the storm is on its way to South Carolina. More than a million people are cut off of power. In Haiti, more than 900 people were killed and the authorities are requesting aid from other countries.
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Millions of Americans spent the night in shelters and motels after they escaped Hurricane Matthew. Even though the storm was lowered to a category 2 and the fact that it has already passed through most of Florida, US President Barack Obama issued a state of emergency for 4 states and the authorities are prepared to aid the public.

In Haiti, 900 people died have been killed so far and the number keeps going up. Doctors and medical teams need to handle a cholera outbreak that is threatening even more of the population. The authorities already requested assistance from neighboring countries and Obama already sent an aircraft carrier to assist with the rescue attempts.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Although the winds weakened in Florida, Obama called on the public to not get complacent and continue to listen to the authorities. Obama also said that even though there has been little damage so far, the situation is still dangerous.

Florida Governor Rick Scott added that people should go back to their homes only after they receive definitive confirmation that it is safe.

While the storm was reduced to a category 2, it is still considered one of the strongest and most dangerous storms in years.

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