Houston, Texas: 6 people injured in shooting; Suspect shot, killed

A gunman opened fire this morning (local time) in Southwest Houston near a shopping center. Police officers shot and killed the suspect. Six people were injured in the shooting.
Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A gunman opened fire at a shopping center in Southwest Houston, Texas this morning (Monday, local time). According to the Houston Police Department, the suspect was shot and killed by officers.

At least six people were injured when the suspect opened fire near the strip mall. The wounded victims were taken to local hospitals for medical attention. An emergency rescue worker told reporters that some of the people were shot as they were sitting in their vehicles. A local official told various news agencies that the degree of the wounds vary and that some victims sustained very serious injuries.

Despite the fact that the suspect was shot and killed by officers, the local police department is still asking residents to avoid the area where the shooting took place. The local authorities have not yet released the identity of the shooter.

On Saturday evening, 8 people were injured in a shooting in East Baltimore, Maryland. The three men who are suspected of being involved in this shooting are still at large. As reported by JOL yesterday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said that this shooting was a premeditated act of violence in response to the shootings that occurred over Labor Day weekend.

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