Watch: 13-year-old boy reunited with parents in Rwanda

Hundreds of thousands of relatives are separated from one another each year due to natural disasters and violent conflicts. The International Committee of the Red Cross helps reunite these families. This is how a 13-year-old boy from Burundi was reunited with his parents in Rwanda.

Watch: Families reunited thanks to ICRC

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13-year-old Gerald had not seen his family for an entire year. He fled Burundi due to the violent riots in the country and ended up in Rwanda, leaving his parents behind. However, he recently found out that his parents also fled Burundi and are staying in a nearby refugee camp in Rwanda.

Every year, thousands of people are separated from their families due to wars, regional conflicts and natural disasters. A special program of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) seeks to unite these families and find out what happened to people who have been reported missing.

Photo Credit: ICRC/Channel 2 News

This is how Raymond Nagnada Himana was reunited with his father 22 years after he fled the Rwandan genocide. This is also how many Syrian refugees found out that some of their relatives who stayed in the country are still alive.

According to international humanitarian law, every person has the right to find out what happened to his or her family member who was the victim of a natural disaster, war or violent conflict. ICRC employees update a database of information and operate hotlines that help people locate their loved ones. The organization also provides legal and psychological support to families.

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