Watch: Spectacular footage of lava spewing out of snow-topped Mount Etna volcano in Italy

Italy’s Mount Etna volcano has been providing residents and visitors with a spectacular view for the past three days during a volcanic eruption. No danger is posed to residents, so the world has been able to enjoy the drone footage of lava sliding down the snow-topped volcano.
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Over the past three days, Italy’s Mount Etna volcano has been providing a spectacular show of nature as lava bursts out of the mouth during a volcanic eruption. A drone filmed the volcanic activity and displaying the boiling lava sliding down the snow-ridden volcano.

The Mount Etna volcano’s altitude is 3,000 meters and it is the most active volcano in Europe with several eruptions each year. According to Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), the lava flow does not pose a threat to the local population, to their property nor to the nearby Catania airport.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world travel to the east coast of Sicily in order to see the volcano. Some even hike in order to get closer to the volcano’s mouth, while some are lucky enough to see a volcanic eruption. The volcano has threatened yet charmed the island residents for thousands of years, while the first record of a volcanic eruption was in 425 B.C. and stories about it in local literature trace back even farther.

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