Investigation reveals Palestinian schools funded by Britain, EU encourage terrorism

An investigation conducted by the Daily Mail revealed that many schools in the Palestinian Authority, which are partially funded by Britain and the EU, have been encouraging violence and terrorism against Israel and IDF soldiers. One teacher even told the Daily Mail that he would not stop a student who expressed his desire to carry out a terror attack.
Students at one of the schools Photo Credit: The Daily Mail/Channel 2 News

According to an investigation conducted by the Daily Mail, children are encouraged to use violence against Israel and IDF soldiers in 24 schools that are funded by British foreign aid.

The investigation found that the schools, all of which are named after Palestinian terrorists, openly encourage terrorism. The teachers even present the terrorists as heroes to the children. For example, pictures of terrorists who were eliminated by Israeli security forces are posted on the school walls.

During a play at one of the schools, students surrounded a boy who was dressed up as an IDF soldier and pretended to execute him. A senior level official at one of the schools was asked by the Daily Mail what he would say to a student who threatened to attack Israelis and replied: “I would tell them go in the name of God.”

Students at one of the schools Photo Credit: The Daily Mail/Channel 2 News

In addition, the investigation found that some of the teachers openly admitted that they have prevented British and European donors from controlling the curriculum. The Palestinian Authority received 25 million pounds from Britain this year. This money was supposed to provide salaries to 30,000 workers including teachers. The EU donated 272 million pounds to the Palestinian Authority, half of which goes to education and social services.

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