iPhone 7 revealed: water resistant, longer battery life

Millions around the world waited in anticipation for Apple’s press conference which included the release of the new Apple Watch as well additional information on the new iPhone 7.

The new iPhone 7 

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Apple released two new iPhone devices, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. A lot of curious eyes awaited the press conference after the company didn’t release too much information prior to the event. During the press conference new developments were released that excited Apple’s biggest fans. The new iPhone is expected to last much longer without charging, and include a new sound system. In addition, the headphone jack will now be replaced by the charging jack, and the home button will turn on by touch alone.

Apple’s tweet, which was published just before the press conference and then deleted, stated that the new device will be water resistant, have a stronger battery, contain new advanced cameras and stereo speakers. The device will soon be available for pre-orders and will sell in stores starting from next week, on September 16th. The new device will also have access to document sharing. The price for the new headphones will be no less than 159 dollars.

The new watches presented Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The iPhone 7 will contain a new processor and larger memory. The minimum memory will 32 gigabytes and the maximum 256 gigabytes. The device will come in 5 colors: 2 shades of black, grey, gold, and pink.

In addition, the new Apple Watch was released, Apple Watch Series 2. The new device includes a built-in GPS for walks and swimming, something that caused strong cheers amongst the crowd in the conference hall.

Details were discovered on Amazon Photo credit: screenshot/ Channel 2 News

In addition, the watch’s display will be “the brightest our product ever had”. The new watch will include an especially advanced graphical interface.

Will measure how many pools you have done. The new watch. Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Similarly to previous year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release, this time a bigger version has once again been created called iPhone 7 Plus.

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