Iranian chief of staff: We will respond to Israeli attacks ‘at an appropriate time’

Amid the growing tensions between Israel and Iran, Iran’s top military official threatened that all Israeli attacks will receive “an appropriate response at an appropriate time,” according to Iran’s Press TV.
Iranian military equipment on display Photo Credit: EPA

Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major-General Mohammad Bagheri said on Tuesday that no threat can intimidate Tehran and its forces. According to Iran’s state news agency IRNA, the top military official also warned that Iran’s “forces are delivering their best services.”

A day earlier, Bagheri warned that Iran would respond to any Israeli attack. “If the enemy casts a covetous eye on our interests or conducts [even] a slight act of aggression, the Islamic Republic will give an appropriate response at an appropriate time,” Bagheri was quoted as saying by Iran’s Press TV.

Meanwhile, the world is waiting to hear US President Donald Trump’s decision on whether to extend the US sanctions relief on Iran. In Iran, officials are warning that if Trump reimposes sanctions, it would mean that the US has pulled out of the nuclear deal, a move that would be followed by an Iranian withdrawal. “If the United States leaves the JCPOA [Iran’s nuclear deal], they should know that would be the end of the JCPOA,” Mohammad Javad Larijani, the head of the Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council, said on Tuesday, according to the Tasnim news agency.

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