Iran threatens Israel in a large scale military showcase

Iran marked today the 36th anniversary of the war against Iraq with a military parade. In the parade, Iran displayed its new missile systems and made various threats against Israel. At the same time, the US Federal Aviation Administration approved the renewal of passenger aircraft sales to Iran.
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Iran marked today (Wednesday) the 36th anniversary of Iraq’s 1980 invasion of Iran. As part of the anniversary ceremonies, a military parade was conducted in Tehran during which Iran's new missile systems were displayed.

The main weapons that were displayed were the Zolfaghar long range missile, which is named after the sword Muhammad gave Imam Ali, the S-300 anti-air missile system and the Qader missile, which has the range of 2,000 kilometers.

Iranian soldiers Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

On one of the missiles, a sign with a specific threat to Israel was placed: "If the leaders of the Zionist regime make one false move, the Islamic Republic will destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa."

According to reports in Iran, the Islamic Republic released a warning to the US not to interfere with its matters in the Persian Gulf.

The parade was broadcasted live and also showcased tanks, the members of the country’s elite units, and a large maritime display including 500 boats, submarines and attack helicopters.

Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Mohammad Bagheri declared that Iran is a peace-seeking country but that the war between 1980 and 1988 against Iraq should be a lesson for "our brothers in faith in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, who are our political, religious and military allies." At the same time, the US Federal Aviation Administration authorized the sale of western passenger aircraft to Iran.

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