Iranian analyst: Iranians are ‘extremely frustrated’ and have taken matters into their own hands

Amid the anti-government protests in his country, Iranian political theorist and analyst Reza Parchizadeh stated on Monday that many Iranians are extremely frustrated and angry and want to topple the current regime. “The people of Iran themselves are ready for radical change,” he explained.
Protest in Iran

The death toll from the massive anti-government protests in Iran rose on Monday to 12. The protests, the largest in the country since the 2009 Green Movement demonstrations, have already received the support of US President Donald Trump, who wrote on Twitter that the Iranian people are “finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism.”

According to an Iranian political theorist and analyst, the people of Iran are taking to the streets because they are fed up with the disastrous behavior of the regime and want to overthrow it. “When the people of Iran revolted against the old monarchy in 1979, what they wanted was freedom and democracy. Instead, what they got was a radical clerical regime that trampled their most basic rights and suppressed their movements for freedom at every juncture,” Reza Parchizadeh told the Egyptian news site DotMsr on Monday.

“The regime also kept interfering in the affairs of Iran’s neighbors as well as assuming an aggressive attitude towards the free world, especially the United States of America,” Parchizadeh added. “Now, after close to four decades, all that oppression has come to a head.”

Earlier today, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused Israel of being the force behind the protests, an allegation that was quickly dismissed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, Parchizadeh explained that the protests might have actually been started by a source closer to Tehran than Rouhani would like to believe.

Men and women protesting in Iran

“It is possible that a faction of the regime affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards might have had a hand in starting the demonstrations,” he said. “Their goal was to weaken President Rouhani and his government to possibly stage a coup and unify the crumbling regime under a strictly military government. However, as the people are extremely frustrated and angry, they took the matters into their own hands and went full-throttle against the totality of the regime. Chants of ‘death to Khamenei’ and ‘down with the regime’ are the common stock of the demonstrations now.”

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“Given the international circumstances and the US-Saudi-Israeli stance against the Islamist regime in Iran, there is a possibility that special strategies laid out by those countries might have helped the demonstrations to take the anti-regime direction that they recently assumed,” he added. “However, even if that is the case, it has been made possible because the conditions are ripe for such a bold intervention. In other words, the people of Iran themselves are ready for radical change, and they welcome any kind of help they can get. At last, the time has come for Iran to move forward.”

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