Is this man the stupidest thief ever?

The police in Northampton released a picture of a man who is suspected of stealing a Venetian blind. In the picture, the suspect is seen with a large hood that sticks up much higher than his head.
The suspect with the "lump" in his hood Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

The Northampton Police released a picture of a suspected thief. The man is suspected of stealing a Venetian blind from a store. The “clever” thief tried to hide the stolen item in his jacket but the problem was that the blind was sticking out above his head.

The store employees noticed the suspicious man and followed him out of the store. When the thief noticed he was being followed, he quickly got rid of the blind and began to flee.

Now the police are looking for the suspect and it seems that the picture will get much more attention and not only because of the search.

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