ISIS urges members to spill blood on American Election Day

The brutal terror organization ISIS called on its members to go out on Election Day and spill the blood of the American voters.
Illusion Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Right before the end of the United States presidential race, ISIS called on its members to carry out terror attacks on the day of the election. In a special article posted in the organization's online journal, ISIS called on its members in the U.S. to wreak havoc during Election Day and boycott voting.

ISIS used threatening language in its article, claiming that the organization’s members are coming to slaughter and crush the election. Besides urging its members to spill blood on Election Day, ISIS called for all Muslims living in the U.S. not to vote at all.

The writers of the article claim Hillary Clinton is bad for the Muslim voters just as much as Donald Trump, contradicting the majority opinion of the Muslim-American community. To illustrate it, they included a photo of Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu under the caption "courting the Jewish tyrant."

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