Arabs on social media celebrate ongoing fires in Israel

Israel has entered its 3rd day of ongoing fires and the Arab world is celebrating on social media. Many users are welcoming the fires, claiming they were an act of arson committed by Arabs in order to harm Israel.

While the battle to control the raging fire in Israel continues, many Arabs are rejoicing on social media. Under the hashtag "Israel burns,” Arab users from all over the world are celebrating the fires. Some are even encouraging acts of arson: "Light more fires across occupied Israel." Other users have uploaded posts that read: “What a beautiful picture, what a beautiful fire," and "This is because of the Muezzin Law, this is the fire of judgment day."

Some Arab users claimed that the fires weren’t started by natural causes but were intentionally started by Arabs. A Jordanian user wrote: "The fires are a blessing and part of the Palestinian resistance to the Zionist entity."

Arab world celebrates fires in Israel Photo Credit: Twitter / Channel 2 News

Saudi religious scholar Muhammad Al-Arifi tweeted: "The fire still burns among the Zionists. Give them more. We'll free Al-Aqsa Mosque."

Other users tweeted: "The fire is spreading to the settlements of occupied Haifa," "God gave them this punishment" and "This is the first time I feel that fire is a source of happiness."

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