Israeli company ImageSat International shows Syrian airbase before, after US missile strike

According to the satellite imagery released by an Israeli company, 58 out of the 59 Tomahawk missiles that the U.S. launched toward a Syrian airbase in Homs hit their target. 34 targets were completely destroyed while the rest were damaged.
After Photo Credit: ImageSat/Channel 2 News

After the U.S. missile strike in Homs, ImageSat International, an Israeli company that operates a several Earth observation satellites, released satellite imagery that shows the damage that was caused to the Syrian airbase in the attack. ImageSat International experts have determined that 58 of the 59 Tomahawk missiles that were launched hit their targets.

The imagery also revealed that 34 of the targets were completely destroyed: 13 protected aircraft hangars for warplanes and aircraft, 5 hangars for repairing aircraft, 10 ammunition supply bunkers, 5 anti-aircraft SA6 batteries and the Syrian Army’s radar system. The rest of the targets were damaged.

Before Photo Credit: ImageSat/Channel 2 News

Yesterday, Russian media outlets released the first pictures from the Shayrat airbase. In the footage, the base appears to be deserted. According to the Russian reports, nine Syrian aircraft were destroyed.

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