Watch: Israeli reporters visit dangerous refugee camp in France

A special Channel 2 News project gives you a glimpse into the refugee camp in Calais, France, commonly known as the Jungle. The Jungle is packed with thousands of refugees and is considered one of the most dangerous and violent refugee camps in Europe.
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In the past two years, Europe has been dealing with a deadly terror wave. However, the Europeans are not the only ones impacted by this terror wave. There are also millions of refugees across the continent who are also experiencing it. Channel 2 News correspondents set out for a journey in Europe in light of the current situation in the region.

During their journey, they visited the refugee camp in Calais, France, commonly known as the Jungle. Entry to the camp is permitted only to people who received special permission from the authorities. When the Channel 2 News correspondents stepped out of their vehicle, they were immediately surrounded by refugees who had one clear message for them: “No recording.”

Every day, dozens of new refugees join the thousands of refugees who are already in the camp. All the refugees in the Jungle are dreaming of entering Britain, where they think that their lives can be better.

“We are trying every day to enter England,” said a refugee. “But this is impossible. People jump into trucks and eventually, the security forces find them, spray them with tear gas and beat them up.” Another refugee said: “When people see me, they are scared of me because they think we are terrorists. This is why we stay here, in the Jungle.”

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