Japan thanks Trump for hardline Pyongyang policy after UN imposes new sanctions

Japan stated on Saturday that it is pleased with the Trump administration’s policy toward North Korea and called on European navies to send vessels to the region. “The United States is making clear both in words and actions that all options are on the table,” Japan’s defense minister said.
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On Saturday, Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada expressed support for Washington’s North Korea policy. According to her, Tokyo is interested in building a deeper alliance with Washington, which could play a greater security role in the region.

“The United States is making clear both in words and actions that all options are on the table,” she said during a security conference in Singapore. “I strongly support this position. The longstanding alliance between the U.S. and Japan contributes to the peace and stability in the region.” She also said that European navies should have a visible presence in the region in order to discourage North Korea from striking its neighbors.

Yesterday evening, the United Nations Security Council announced that it will expand the sanctions imposed on North Korea in light of the country’s numerous missile tests. This was the first resolution that both the U.S. and China, one of North Korea’s allies, have agreed upon since U.S. President Donald Trump entered the Oval Office. The resolution was unanimously passed by the 15 members of the council.

The resolution adopted by the council adds four entities, including banks, and 14 North Korean officials to the UN sanctions blacklist, meaning that they cannot travel abroad and all of their assets have been frozen. The resolution did not include the stronger sanctions that the U.S. had proposed over the last few weeks.

“The security council is sending a clear message to North Korea today: stop firing ballistic missiles or face the consequences,” US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said. “Beyond diplomatic and financial consequences, the United States remains prepared to counteract North Korean aggression through other means, if necessary.”

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